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Patient Testimonials

Brooke C.

The decision to have the duodenal switch bariatric surgery procedure was an easy one after attending a Pacific Laparoscopy support group — I was so inspired hearing about everyone's success and the one repeated theme was that folks wish they had made the decision at a younger age. At 27 and frustrated, I decided to take the leap. I lost a total of 147lbs and I have never felt better! Two years later, I am a 29 year old woman whose outside beauty matches her inside beauty — I am no longer just the girl with a "pretty face." My new body provides me with confidence, business opportunities and an exponential amount of energy. I love to go running, hike with friends, and go dancing and so much more! Before the duodenal switch surgery I was hiding from the world, embarrassed by how I looked and now I am living my life and doing things I never could have imagined!

Brooke, Before Weight Loss Surgery Brooke, After Weight Loss Surgery

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