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Patient Testimonials

The Hess Family

Hello, we all are thrilled to say that we had the duodenal switch procedure! (Monte 52, 4 four years ago; Carol 51, four years ago; Neil three years ago; and Chloe two years ago. In total, we have lost about 600 pounds and all of us have kept it off. Each of us had tried many diets over time only to end up depressed and heavier when we went off the diet.

The Hess Family, Before Weight Loss Surgery The Hess Family, After Weight Loss Surgery

Each of us has our own happy story about our "new life" and it certainly is all of that. Carol and I have been married for nearly 30 years and now we have a "new" marriage and are happier than we have been in 25 years. Our son, Neil, is engaged to a wonderful young woman and is in his 3rd year of teaching. (Neil's fiancée had the gastric reduction duodenal switch just 6 months ago, and in addition to losing weight, she has been able to stop using insulin injections for her diabetes. Our daughter, Chloe, is now a junior in college and has a great relationship with a young man and many friends at school. As parents, it has been so wonderful to see them flourish with such confidence like they have never been able to in the past. It is like we have been released from prison—a prison of fat and poor health. We are all active and doing things we never could do due to our weight.

Dr. Rabkin has given us the opportunity to have this new life and even though there we some short- term challenges immediately after surgery (nothing unexpected) we all agree we would do it again in a heartbeat.

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