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Patient Testimonials

Olin D.

After about a year of research on gastric bypass surgeries with patients that were post-procedure from five to ten years, I was checking on long-term results and had decided that the DS was the best procedure for me.

I found that Dr. Rabkin was only one of two doctors doing the procedure at that time. He was having excellent outcomes. I selected Dr. Rabkin after talking to his staff and past patients. Barbara and Ernesto were very helpful explaining everything and helping me through the process. His office and practice was only forty five minutes away from my daughter's home in the Bay Area, so I could stay in the area for recovery and follow-up.

I had diabetes and high blood pressure. I did not have a very long life expectancy and was very miserable. It was really difficult for me to walk.

Olin, Before Weight Loss Surgery Olin, After Weight Loss Surgery

I weighed 475 pounds when I had my DS in April of 2004. The surgery went great and my weight went down from there. I went back to Dr Rabkin for skin removal about 2 years later and weighed 217 pounds after the surgery. Today I weigh 216 pounds, nearly 8 years post-surgery.

I have not needed any diabetes medication since my surgery and I have near normal blood pressure. I'm very thankful that I had the surgery and can enjoy life as it should be. I am very active, and am able to walk long distances and climb stairs. Some of the best days of my life have been since the surgery and I'm looking forward to many more. I enjoy doing things with my family and grandchildren that I did not think would ever be possible. I thank God for the Rabkins and their staff.

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