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Weight Loss Surgery Practice in San Francisco Launches New Web Site

Pacific Laparoscopy has recently launched a new Web site to reach more patients seeking weight loss surgery. The site provides support and information, educating patients about options such as the less-invasive duodenal switch procedure.

San Francisco, California (August 2010) – Pacific Laparoscopy a weight loss surgery practice in San Francisco, has re-launched their Web site with additional patient resources such as patient photos and stories, information about the different types of weight loss surgery (including the less-invasive duodenal switch procedure), and a calendar of free seminars about bariatric surgery.

"I am thrilled with the launch of our new Web site," states John M. Rabkin, MD director of Pacific Laparoscopy. "It is both aesthetically pleasing and easy for prospective patients to navigate. My main objective was to offer a Web site that's easy to use and full of helpful information about bariatric surgery in the Bay Area."

It's important for people considering weight loss surgery to feel motivated and hear success stories from patients who already had weight loss surgery, which is why these stories are featured so prominently throughout the new site. Seeing the results that are possible helps prospective patients relate and provides hope.

"The patient photos and stories add a nice element to our site," says Dr. Rabkin. "We're working with patients who made a commitment to changing their lives for the better, and nowhere is this commitment more evident than when you see their results. We hope the stories are inspiring."

While Pacific Laparoscopy offers several options for weight control surgery in San Francisco, it is one of the few places in the U.S. performing laparoscopic duodenal switch procedure, and the practice sees many people traveling to the Bay Area for this innovative surgical approach. The new site highlights their travel program so that patients from other parts of California and other states can easily access travel information and take the next step toward improving their lives with bariatric surgery.

"I see patients from across the United States and across the globe for duodenal switch surgery," adds Dr. Rabkin. "We wanted to make it easier for our patients to set up travel accommodations, and have provided a list of hotel and transportation information along with downloadable forms to make their visit with us as smooth as possible."

Through their Web site, Pacific Laparoscopy offers free informational seminars about morbid obesity and bariatric surgery. Patients are given a log-in and can access the seminar video over the Web. For people who would like to learn more in person, the site also lists an up-to-date calendar of seminars in California, Oregon, Washington and Illinois.

"The main goal of our site is to provide information and encourage people struggling with obesity to reach out and schedule a consultation at the office," adds Dr. Rabkin. "As I've seen time and again, bariatric surgery has the power to change lives, and our goal is to help as many people as we can lead healthier and happier lives."

For more information about our weight loss program, click here to request a consultation with Dr. John Rabkin at Pacific Laparoscopy. Or you can call our office at 415-668-3200 to schedule your appointment.

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