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Patient Testimonials

Marilyn B.

I am a psychiatric nurse who has worked in the field of infertility since 1987. I chose PacLap because the duodenal switch weight loss surgery offered me the best long term healthy way to lose my weight. I did not want to risk losing the 100 pounds that I needed to lose and then re-gain it as I learned happened often with the Roux-en-Y procedure. I also wanted the quality of life that the duodenal switch offers in terms of being truly able to eat anything I want. I am a secure size 8 and was an insecure size 22. I am 65, but look 51. I can eat anything I want. I never experience "dumping" nor throwing up. I am very picky about my medical care. The staff at PacLap is always professional and supportive. I am impressed with their dedication to patient support. This program is definitely the "gold standard" for weight loss. If you were my sister or brother I would send you there in a heartbeat. When my physician, Dr. Mary Lowen insisted on my going there and a good friend of mine had lost 150 pounds at PacLap I was extremely relieved when my insurance finally let me go there after a 2 year wait. My only regret is waiting so long.

Marilyn, Before Weight Loss Surgery Marilyn, After Weight Loss Surgery

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