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Patient Testimonials

Martha B.

Five years ago, I had the duodenal switch bariatric surgery. I lost a total of 130lbs and feel good. I don't know what my life would be like had I not had this surgery. I always wonder how much I would weigh, if I could still work or even be alive if I had kept gaining weight.

Martha, Before Weight Loss Surgery Martha, After Weight Loss Surgery

Is my life perfect? Of course not. My tummy tells me when I have made bad choices and the scale goes up if I eat too much sugar. BUT I know that I have a tool to help me be in control of my weight. One of the best things about being smaller is being able to get down on the floor to play with my dog and then be able to get back up. It is these little things that I appreciate so much.

Yes I have had a hernia repair and yes I have had iron infusions and YES I would do this all over again. I have been so lucky to have a supportive and loving family to help me. Funny story: At my heaviest, in order to feel better about myself, I would highlight my hair really blonde. I did this for about two years then as I started losing weight I just colored it back to my normal brown. Even now four years after losing 130lbs people will say "Oh you look so much better with darker hair." Hello? You don't think it has anything to do with the size 4 pants? I truly feel that I made the right decision for me. I am happier, healthier, and a lot more active than I ever have been in my life. Oh, and way more confident. Thank you Pacific Laparoscopy for everything!

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