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Patient Testimonials

Zack C.

Zack has been overweight since a child. He remembers children being mean to him when he was younger. He played football in high school where his teammates were more accepting of his super size. Now he is the goalie for the La Crosse team at UCSB. Preoperatively his weight started sky rocketing to 350 pounds. One year before his sleeve (vertical) gastrectomy, Zach was at an all time high of 442 lbs. Zack was only 19 at the time of his SG.

In the past almost 3 years, he has lost 120 lbs. Maintaining a weight now of 230 lbs. He can move more quickly now as goalie and enjoys a good game of golf. He is no longer the slowest runner on the La Crosse practice field. Most importantly, he fits in, he can ride his bike around campus more easily and just feels no longer trapped inside a morbid obese body.

Zack, Before Weight Loss Surgery Zack, After Weight Loss Surgery

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